Ink Review

Ink was an amazing and refreshing read. While the plot is nothing special, and in some case quite predictable, it is not the main point of this book. Despite being disguised as a ya dystopian novel, its true value comes from the questions it asks and provides some answers for as well as how different people may choose to interact with these options.

Set in a world where everyone’s life events are tattooed onto their skin (starting with their name at two days old) this book delves deep into the idea of how we remember people after they die, is it worth being remembered and how religious beliefs can affect these things. It does so in an interesting way, and the tattoos could quite easily become our social media accounts in terms of how much they can or cannot show.

The plot in this book, as I mention earlier, leaves some things to be desired, but on the whole, as it is quite predictable and sticks quite closely to the formula laid out by other books in this genre. However, there were some things that I didn’t quite guess, though I was along the right lines.

The characters in this book were also quite, as their secrets unfold. They are almost 3D but lack something about them to make them truly real. They seem to be slightly too stereotypical of the world in which they live, and those who aren’t are very stereotypical of the genre.

4 stars


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