Spark Review

Following the usual tradition of the second novel in a trilogy, not being as good as the first, this book was not as good as Ink. Taking the time to see the other side of the coin, we spend the majority of the novel in a society that seems to just be there to contrast the one we just left, without actually offering anything new. They seem to base everything on the idea of  ‘we can’t be anything like the others’ and use that as their main objective in life rather than finding this worthwhile in their own right.

The characters in this book were a lot more interesting than in the first, as they had backstories and motivations outside of what the government thought they should do. However, a lot of the characters were still stereotypical and flat. Whilst I understand that this is part of the idea that the author is trying to portray, but these characters are not remotely superior to the others, as they try so hard to be. It is not lightly sprinkled in so you have to think about it, it slaps you in the face.

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