The Fandom Review

A work of genius, it got me to laugh at several points, and I never laugh at books. It plays to all the stereotypes of the genre, in a way that makes you love them so much, then laughs at you for liking them.

The characters in this book are the fans of this book. It starts with them at London Comic-Con cosplaying as characters from their favourite book/film. How many ya dystopian/fantasy fans have done that? Semi-set in our world, it references Divergent and the Hunger Games and points out the flaws in them, at the same time being very aware that this story has the same flaws.

The plot is interesting and the world within the world is just as real and wonderfully horrific as any ‘normal’ dystopian, the ‘main’ world in this book, is ours but feels real and not fictionalised at all.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes ya dystopian.

5 stars

The Hamilton Affair>>

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