The Hamilton Affair Review

This was an interesting read for me. To start with it was a Christmas gift from my mum, so I did not choose it. It is also on a subject that I like (Alexander Hamilton) but in a genre that I am less keen on (historical fiction).

Having finally gotten round to reading this, I immediately loved the accuracy of the book as I wanted to learn more about the title character in the musical Hamilton. The book starts earlier than I expected it to (the title made me think that it would just cover Alex and Eliza’s marriage) with the childhoods of our two protagonists.

The characters were interesting and felt like their real selves, with actions and words being in keeping with the time period, and not modernised too much.

While I did know what was going to happen during the book, I liked the pacing and felt that I got a wider look at the lives of the characters than I thought I would get.

I also appreciated that at the end of the book there was a note explaining what was real and what was fictionalised.

4 stars

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