A Jigsaw Of Fire And Stars Review

This was a book that I bought on a whim, and it paid off. The story and the characters were really interesting and intriguing.

I liked the idea of having a story about an immigrant with no known past who is not bothered by it too much. While we do not see this a lot – the plot of the story is Sante finding out about that past – but I like that it’s there. It is so refreshing to see someone who at the start of their story is happy and content with their life, I feel that more books should be like this.

When it comes to the plot, the two main strands of the plot, Sante’s past and Miguel’s business make sense as two parallel plots, however, I don’t feel like we hear all there is to hear about Sante and what happens on the boat and how all the people on it died. I got the impression that Sante stopped caring about this pretty quickly, despite being previously intrigued, to let the more action-packed plot take place. I am not saying that the Miguel plot wasn’t interesting or important, I just think that it could have been postponed a little more to get two satisfying conclusions.

3 Stars

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