White Rabbit Red Wolf Review

I loved this book so much, it has such an interesting plot and concept. I loved the way that it is split into parts and each one is a different version of the same story so that you never know what is the truth, even at the end. The main stroy of the plot – the things that we know happened are also intresting too. The idea of genetic manipulation and the secrecy of spy agencies are intresting topic points which make the story exciting.

The characters are also quite unique. I enjoyed the fact that the maths prodigy child taught himself maths, and dosen’t have a  skill that he was born with. I felt that it was nice to show that you can teach yourself through hard work to become great at things. I also liked the way that his anxiety was portrayed, it made me feel anxious and tight-chested at some points.

It is hard to say more without spoiling the book, sorry.

4 stars

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