New World Inferno Review

A wonderful conclusion to a brilliant series. I really enjoyed how it merged all the parts of the world that we have seen in this story together to make the ending satisfying.

While we get no new characters in this book, the pre-existing cast suffer from all of the same flaws as the previous two. One thing that really annoyed me though was when Phoenix refers to Mouse as her daughter, they have known each other for a few months, and there is a six-year age gap! I am not saying that Phoenix cannot care about Mouse, and feel protective over her, but all of the things we see in the series point to a sibling relationship rather than a parental one.

The plot though was very well devised, we watch as Phoenix revisits the journey that we have seen her go on, and how she changes in herself for each of her surroundings. I also enjoyed that fact that the final battle went on for a few weeks instead of just one day, giving it some of the realism of real war.

I would happily read anything by this author again.

4 stars

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