City of Bones Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, having not enjoyed it the first time I read it I did not enjoy it. Several years later, I decided to give it another go and enjoyed it massively.

I liked how the Downworld was integrated into our world as well as how out myths and legends are woven into the story.  I did feel that the introduction to this world was not very well done though. Our introduction to Jace, Isabel and Alec could have been better, as it shows them in a light that is never seen again in the book. Whilst I understand that this is because we do not know them yet, it does make it harder to get to know these characters.

I did feel that the plot of this book was a bit lacking, we only care about Clary’s mum because Clary does, there is nothing that denotes her a special or of value in her own right (see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif for a good example of this). All we see of  Joycelyn is not one of her finest moments, and she is gone before she has any chance to redeem herself. The rest of the characters in this book are nice enough, however, there is nothing too special about them.

Overall, I would say that this book is pleasant enough to read, but isn’t anything special. All of the joy I got from this was in the moment, and quite short lived.

4 stars

City of Ashes >>

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