Clockwork Prince

I thought that the plot of this book was a little dry. The time restraint placed on the characters on the start felt unnecessary and rather stupid. It is well known to the readers by the traits of the characters that if they did lose the institute, they would still work towards defeating Mortmain, and honestly part of me thinks that this would have made a better story.

The characters in this book were well written, and I did find the deeper explorations into Will’s past and character interesting, though I can’t figure out what Tessa sees in him. I do love Jem though and think that his devotion to her is quite sweet. I also enjoyed the relationship between Will and Jem and think that their Parabati bond is quite powerful and meaningful, while in the Mortal Instruments it seems to be just a word between Alec and Jace that has no meaning.

3 Stars

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Clockwork Princess >>

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