City of Lost Souls Review

For the first time ever, the second book in the trilogy is better than the first one. I found the idea of Clary immersing herself in the world of her enemy quite interesting. I did, however, find it a little annoying that she was not asked to do anything that could compromise her morally, as it would be interesting to see what would happen.

I did also find Clary’s consistent PDA with Jace annoying, as I felt that she only loves him for his looks, as she doesn’t seem to find it too horrible that her boyfriend was possessed by her evil brother. For me, I found that too creepy and found the scenes with Clary in them unpleasant to read.

For me, the hero of this book was Simon who not only showed what a hero he is in the manner of the angel and what an amazing friend he is in the matter of the rings.

Plot-wise, I thought that the invention of the Infernal Cup was clever as was summoning the angel, but the moving apartment was stupid.

3 Stars

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