An Absolutely Remarkable Thing Review

OMG! I love this book so much, it was hard to put it down to get to sleep late at night. In the end, I read it within 24 hours of buying it.

The characters are so beautifully written and well rounded. They all have their own past and interests and quirks that don’t serve the plot but help them feel like real citizens of Earth. I also like how the characters that oppose our lovely protagonist April May had just as much personality and complexity to them as her supporters. I was also amazed to see how much personality Carl had despite being a mysterious and mostly uncommunicative statue.

I also loved the plot, I felt that Hank had used his experience as an internet entrepreneur to make the challenges that April and her friends realistic, and their responses to them felt equally likely to happen. I also enjoyed how April is one of us, it was Carl who picked her out and made her special, not herself. She is anyone who cares to look at the world around them and see beauty.

Overall the message that this book is telling is worth listening too as it has something to offer for all of us. I can’t wait for the second book.

5 stars

Check out my video review here.


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