The Assassin’s Blade Review

I really enjoyed this book as I felt that it was nice to see Celaena at the height of her fame and reputation. I was a bit annoyed that the book was split into separate stories though as the flowed quite seamlessly from one to another. I think that this would have worked better if the stories were set at different points in her career or were just one tale, however, I do appreciate that these were written separately and are bound together in this book.

The plot of this book was interesting, as not only did we get to see Celaena acting on her own moral basis as opposed to blindly following orders, we also see the harsh repercussions of her doing that, letting us see the harsh world she grew up in. I did feel though, that later on, she could have acted a bit more on her gut instincts rather than just doing what Arobyn tells her too.

I adored Sam and loved the way that he was protective of Celaena without being too overbearing and controlling, although at some points I did feel that his backstory was being rammed down our throats a bit too much. Arobyn was also well written as an abusive creep, I think that there is more going on with him that we are yet to see, and that he will turn out to be quite an interesting character. Finally, Celaena was well written and had a complexity to her that was good to see. She has a clear work and personal shift in her attitudes but also has the arrogance of a teenager to remind us of how young she really is.

4 stars

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