Heir of Fire Review

This is my favourite book in the series! I love how we get to see what is happening to the characters without them interacting. The repercussions of their actions from the last book is catching up to them.

While the old favourites of this book show us the things we love about them while providing them with new challenges that they have to face. This introduces us to a host of new people who are just as complex as the first group. I especially loved Manon and Rowan as they seem to have an interesting past whilst also being aware of the fact that the world is changing and wanting to do something.

Personally, I was glad that we got to spend a lot of time with Aelin as she trains, so we can see her new skills but also what it cost her to get them. She frequently talks about things in her past to the other characters that sound like quite interesting stories, and I am glad that we got to see this one.

I was also happy that we got to see Adeion a fair bit and see what he is really like. Going forward he will interact with Aelin but I was glad to see that his motivations were true and not just a show for her.

5 stars

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