Tower of Dawn Review

Having just finished Tower of Dawn in time for Kingdom of Ash, I wanted to share my thoughts on the book. For me, I didn’t like how the events in this book happen parallel to the events in Empire of Storms as I felt that I couldn’t keep track of what was happening tot he other characters while this book was taking place. Later, however, I began to see this as a good thing, as I was left just as ignorant of the goings on in the Northern Continent as Chaol and Nesrin were.

It was really refreshing to see this new continent and get used to all of the traditions and history that go along with it, as we have heard little about it, unlike in Wendlyn where we already heard of the myths that go along with the tale. I quite enjoyed how the next Khagan was decided and how all the siblings were equal.

I did enjoy some of the new characters, however, I ended up getting a little lost in the four royal children as only Sartaq really got enough page time to stand out. The others seemed to blend together a little and could do with a bit more page space to really come into their own.

The plot was a little predictable, and the conclusion was known before the boo began just based on the ending of Empire of Storms. If throughout this entire book we had thought that Aelin was allyless then the stakes would have been higher, but because she has already managed to pull together an army, I knew that Chaol would too.

4 stars

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