Kingdom of Ash Review

IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! In case you haven’t noticed, Kingdom of Ash is out, and I am excited!

Throughout out this book, I was unfortunately disappointed as I felt that a lot of the book was a lot slower paced than the rest of the series. I felt that everything was being drawn out in an unnecessarily long way. Given that the entire plot of this book is the final battle between good and evil, it takes a very long time before the characters meet at the battlefield. While I concede that the strategies shown in this book are probably quite realistic, it was not what I was looking for.

The last quarter of the book really stood out for me, when all of our heroes are finally together and things start heating up. However, I did find that the way the Aelin/Dorian – Lock situation was dealt with was not very satisfactory.

For me, the most powerful moment of the book were the events in chapter 89, and the ending. For me, I wanted to see more of the happy endings at the end and was slightly disappointed that we were left with the promises of a brighter future and no followthrough. I hope that these are written as short stories in the future.

5 stars

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