New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is nearly upon us, so it is only fitting that I share my new year reading resolutions with you.

In the new year, I hope to reduce the amount of books that I buy that are unread. To do this, I have implemented a new system. I have listed all of the books that I own that I have yet to read, and assigned each an ‘expiry date’. One year for fiction, two for non-fiction and five for classics. If I have not read a book by this time, I will donate it. Everytime I buy a new book, I will add it to my list and give it a date.

On the subject of new books, in a further effort to minimise my unread books, for every two books that I cross off my list of unreads, I will allow myself to buy a new book. This will be in play until I have hardly any unread books left. Where I can, I will be buying second hand books as they are better for the environment.

See you next year!

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