I wanted to read this book as it I thought it would provide more information on the Freudian view of God that we study in my philosophy course. Unfortunately, this was not the case, but as I have now read the book, I thought I would still write the review.

Book Summary

Have you ever dreamt you were naked on stage, or woken having failed an exam? In these fascinating, pioneering essays, Sigmund Freud plunges into the recesses of our minds, and awakens the hidden meanings behind our most typical and surprising night-time fantasies. From dreams of violence and death, to the more prosaic moments in our dream-life, Freud shines a light on the darkness we are often happy left consigned to night.

Book Review

This book is a collection of passages from Sigmund Freud’s work that has been edited by Penguin. I found that the editing in this book was bad as some of the points were explain by example too many times, where it became annoying and tedious.

The writing itself was not the best but given that this is an academic text by a non-professional writer it is more forgivable. I would add that this text is a bit dry and would only recommend reading it is you absolutely have to.

Dreams by Sigmund Freud
3 Stars

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