Skeleton Key and Eagle Strike

A few weeks ago I posted my reviews of the first two Alex Rider books: Stormbreaker and Point Blanc. Here are my reviews for the next two book in the series, Skeleton Key and Eagle Strike.

Skeleton Key


On a private island near Cuba, Alex Rider faces his most dangerous challenge yet. The insane Russian General Sarov is hatching explosive plans to rewrite history – and only Alex can stop him.

Sharks. Nuclear Bombs. Alex is in deep water.


I thought that this book was interesting as for the first time we can compare Alex to other professionals in his life as a spy. I did think that the act that he had to be sold off to the Americans for this to happen was a bit annoying though. I felt that it lost the British schoolboy charm when he was pretending to be American. I was also annoyed that it wasn’t until halfway through the book that we actually get to see Alex doing his job. The start is quite slow and it made me consider DNFing the book. The only reason I didn’t was that having read this book before I knew that it would get better.

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz
3 Stars

Eagle Strike


Millions adore him. A philanthropist. Anti-drug crusader. Peace activist. And former pop star the likes of which the world has never seen. 
Sir Damian Cray even has the president’s ear. Yet the president’s ear is not enough for Damian – he wants more. Such as the president’s fingerprints. So he can manipulate computer systems only the President of the United States has access to. So he can launch nuclear missiles. From aboard Air Force One. All in the name of peace. So what if a few million lives are lost in the process?
Teen spy Alex Rider survives a bullfight, a high-speed bicycle chase through Amsterdam, and even being the target in a human video-game, only to face his most disturbing challenge yet – when the best of intentions are driven by insanity, how do you reason with a madman?


I thought that this book was a bit too familiar to the last one, a madman with a bomb. I did like how this time the villain had made it personal with Alex, and how that this time he was acting on his own. It was nice to see more of Jack, someone who obviously is important to Alex but who we know very little about. However, I did think that this book hinged so much on coincidence that it felt a little unbelievable.

It was nice to see Sabina again but to have her walk out at the end made me feel that her character ended up being a bit of a waste of time.

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
3 Stars

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