Welcome To Dystopia Part Two

I was fortunate to get a review copy of Welcome To Dystopia from OR Books through NetGalley. It is a collection of 45 short stories based on the current world, with a main focus on the Trump administration. Since 45 reviews are quite a lot, I will be splitting this into 5 reviews each of 9 stories so this will be the second review in a series, you can read the first review here.

The Terrific Leader by Harry Turtledove

I thought that this was a good story that was easy to follow. I thought that the characters were well developed. It was easy to see how we got to this future from today.

Two Explicit and Three Oblique Apologies to My Eldest Daughter One Month Before Her Eighteenth Birthday by Heather Lindsley

This story was simple and easy to understand but well written. I thought the characters were nice and the worldbuilding was good.

The Levelers by Deji Bryce Olukotun

I thought that this story had some interesting ideas and had some eco-friendly points. It was nice to see some trans representation in here, but I did think that the ending of the plot was a bit confusing.

No Point Talking by Geoff Ryman

I thought that this showed an interesting point of view as it shows a side to the dystopian story that is seldom seen (the side supporting the reigeme). It also shows how people change and how that can break up families.

Precaution at Penn Station by Michael Kandel

I thought that this short story was very effective at portraying its short story of how law enforcement can go so horribly wrong when it is over correcting its internal racial biases.

Newsletter by Jennifer Marie Brissett

I thought that this was a novel way to get the message across to readers by setting this story from the point of view of a bookshop. I thought that this had good worldbuilding and good characterisation of the bookseller.

Statues of Limitations by Jay Russell

I thought that this story was quite funny but it does require quite a bit of knowledge on pop culture and influential people to fully understand it. I did however like the Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda bit. I thought that the world was easy to understand but the characters were poorly written.

Suffocation by Robert Reed

I thought that this story was very confusing. I got the idea that the world was at war with itself but apart from that, I am not sure what happened in this story.

Application for Asylum by Eileen Gunn

I liked the worldbuilding in this story as it clearly shows the oppression and discrimination in this world. I was slightly confused about what the asylum application thing at the end was about though.

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