The Extinction Trials

I picked this book up on a whim at YALC last year, and it is definitely one of the best decisions I made at the event. This book is fantastic!


Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival.
Welcome to the Extinction Trials.

In Stormchaser and Lincoln’s ruined world, the only way to survive is to risk everything. To face a contest more dangerous than anyone can imagine. And they will do anything to win.

But in a land full of monsters – human and reptilian – they can’t afford to trust anyone. Perhaps not even each other…


I loved this book, it is so easy to read. It has the perfect blend of a dystopian world (although it has a logic reason for existing rather than some contrived thing) and adventure that the dinosaurs provides. I felt that the characters were relatable and easy to understand, without the need for them to have overly contrived back stories.

I also enjoyed the fact that the high stakes secrets were easy to guess and not supposed to be too hard to understand. I liked that it was guessed by all of the characters except those who it concerns.

I also enjoyed the fact that the thing that was motivating these characters wasn’t a guaranteed, even if they succeed. I felt that it added an extra element of desperation to them.

5 stars

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