Welcome To Dystopia Part 3

I was fortunate to get a review copy of Welcome To Dystopia from OR Books through NetGalley. It is a collection of 45 short stories based on the current world, with a main focus on the Trump administration. Since 45 reviews are quite a lot, I will be splitting this into 5 reviews each of 9 stories so this will be the second review in a series, you can read the first review here and the second one here.

Welcome To The Triumph Band by Yoon Ha Lee

I thought this was a good story which is easy to understand. I thought that this was a novel angle to the dystopian world and the world was easy to understand.

Loser by Matthews Huges

I thought that this story was a bit too long and confusing. I found it to be very jumpy, but the world was well structured. I did feel that the characters lacked characterisation though.

We All Have Hearts of Gold by Leo Vladamirsky

I thought that this story was easy to understand. I loved the protagonist Simpy and thought that the other characters were well developed too. I thought the world in which this story was set was very easy to understand.

Notes On Retrieving A Fallen Banner by Marguerite Reed

These story covered deep and controversial issues but did it well. I liked how this story slowly got more serious and that it allowed for the world in which this story is set.

Ticket To Ride by Eric James Fullilove

I thought that this was slightly amusing but I felt it was lacking context as we didn’t properly understand what the company does. This story had good world building and characterization by minimal plot.

Burning Down the House by Ted White

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault / Rape

I liked the protagonist of this story, but I did feel that they plot was quite short for the length of the story. I did feel that the world in which this story was set could have been a little more worldbuilding.

Dangerous by Lisa Mason

This story was short but amusing. It had good characterisation and plot but I did feel that more context was needed for this story as I was a bit lost as to why this needed to happen.

Class Assignment by Thomas Kaufsek

I thought that this was quite an interesting way of looking at the world. In this story a child is comparing only utopian/distopian plots to their life and seeing what is good and bad. I like the format of this short story, but think the main thing to be learnt is to count your blessings.

Walls by Paul Witcover

This story was short and sweet. It was set in a partial developed world with a character that is easy to relate too. I liked the simple romance in this story and the fact that the protagonist has no known gender.

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