Welcome to Dystopia 4

I was fortunate to get a review copy of Welcome To Dystopia from OR Books through NetGalley. It is a collection of 45 short stories based on the current world, with a main focus on the Trump administration. Since 45 reviews are quite a lot, I will be splitting this into 5 reviews each of 9 stories so this will be the fourth review in a series, you can read the first review here, the second one here and the third one here.

The Passion According To Mike by Scott Bradfield

I was confused by this story, I had a vague idea of the plot was not entirely sure of what was going on. I did like the use of Mike Pence and did feel that there was a sense of ridicule but I wasn’t sure who was being ridiculed.

Bright Sarasota Where The Circus Lies Dying by James Wallis

To be honest I have no idea what happened in this story or who it happened to.

The Name Unspoken by Richard Bowes

I liked the fact that the protagonist in this book was an older person. I felt that this character was well rounded, as was the plot.

The Elites by Stephanie Feldman

I liked that this story was a conversation between two parents but I did think that it was slightly unclear as to what exactly was going on in between the messages. Overall I enjoyed this story.

January 2018 by Barry N. Malzberg

I thought that this was an interesting take on the brief as it starts like a response to the book on which it is posted, until you realise that it a response to a different anthology where the worst has already happened.

Farewell by Mary Anne Mohanraj

I liked the strong worldbuilding and the strong characters. I appreciated the talk about contraception and the fact that the characters were people of colour.

The Amazing Transformation Of The White House Dog by Ron Goulart

I liked the story premise but thought that it was a bit confusing when switching between points of view and working out who was talking to who.

Handmaid’s Other Tale by Jane Yolen

This story was a short poem that was a refreshing break from the prose, but thought that it shouldn’t have been based off someone else’s work.

Sanctuary by Brian Francis Slattery

As this story was written as a letter, it was very emotionaly raw, and I liked that. The characters were well developed as was the plot and the world in which it was set.

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