Book Character Besties: Top 10 Tuesday

This week’s top 10 tuesday (from That Artsy Reader Girl) is to list 10 characters that you want to be friends with, so here I go!

1: Kaz Brekker

This one was easy, I’d love to be friends with this quick witted and cunning character, I feel that his many adventures would make some great and probably unbelievable stories, providing that he doesn’t try and mug me first!

2: Annabeth Chase

Wise girl is independent and strong whilst also being grounded and aware of the world. I feel as if she would be a good friend to have.

3: Rhysand

Given how well he is as a boyfriend to Fayre, caring for her emotional needs, I see no reason why this ability wouldn’t also apply to his friends, who he cares for quite a bit in the books.

4: Tris Prior

I’ve always wanted to meet her, as she is so ordinary yet has an interesting skill set. Her three factions, are all ones that I have an interest in, and I feel that we would get on well.

5: Linh Cinder

Who doesn’t love Linh Cinder? While her interest in mechanics is not something I share with her, I do think her can-do attitude and ability to not care about anything whilst also caring about everything is something that would make us good friends.

6: Nikolai Lantsov

I love Nikolai more as Stormhund than as his regal self, but as he shares a similar sense of humor to me, I think that we’d get on well.

7: Karou

We both have blue hair, and an interest in stories, what more could we need.

8: Zuzana Nováková

If she is good friends with Karou, and is as angry and funny as she is in the books, how could I say no to the Tiny Rabbid Fairy?

9: Death

In the Book Thief, the character of Death is so interesting, I’d love to be friends with them and have a good chat!

10: Ead Duryan

I’d love to be friends with Ead as she has such an interesting personality and stands up for what she believes in.

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