Legends of the Exiles ARC Review

I’m back, sorry about the break. I had my A-Level results day a couple of weeks ago, and got very overwhelmed, but I am back now, at a less grueling pace, so I can take the time to look after myself and make this blog the best it can be!

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.

Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller


The isolated barbarians of Neather have deep ancestry and strict traditions. Four resilient women defy tribal customs as they fight to overcome their own tragedies. Abuse. Addiction. Assault. Grief. What struggles can they endure to defend their hopes and their hearts?

Helena seeks a love as bold as she, yet finds the men of her village lacking.

Jocelyn fears her strange visions and sacrifices a life with the man she loves for the one her destiny demands.

Torn apart by abuse and grief, Ellen is a brilliant woman who must focus her intellect on finding reasons to persevere.

Rachel, a brash girl of noble heritage, dares all men to challenge her and longs for one who will.

In this set of four interwoven novellas, award-winning author Jesse Teller challenges assumptions and showcases the strength of feminine resolve.


I found this book a little strange to read. The four novellas in this book are arranged by character and not time line which makes things confusing. When we see characters again in another person’s story, I often forgot that they had had their own story in the book, and weren’t just background characters. Personally I felt that this story would have made more sense if it ran chronologically than my character.

I dare any many to tell me I am not allowed to defend myself.

However the stories themselves were very interesting. Instead of focusing solely on the traditionally heroic deeds that these characters did, they highlight the strength and bravery required to be a woman in this world. The injustices and traumas that women go through either by societal standards or by the corrupted ideologies of others are displayed, and highlighted as things that are still acts of heroism.

Words are powerful. Use them to your benefit or demise.

In the deeply patriarchal society in which these stories are set, these women hold no power, and yet they manage to influence the ‘greats’ of this world. They work behind the scenes, forging friendships and alliances to shape the world in their favour, despite the fact that they are only seen as wives and daughters by their society.

I will not be ordered about by some man who has been told by other men he is important.

I did think however that this society needs more development throughout the book. I was not left feeling entirely sure the relationships between each clan and how that relates to the city. This was not helped by the fact, as I mentioned earlier, that the story is not arranged in strict chronological order. Sometimes alliances will change during a story, but the explanation for that is in another book, where you are expected to pay close attention to the time setting at the start of each chapter, something that is not easy to do.

What are you going to do now that you had not planned on doing before?

Overall I thought that this story was good, but I would suggest putting in the work to read it chronologically and not how it is published.

4 stars

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