Nevernight Episode 2 “Hopeless” Review

On Monday I reviewed episode 1 of the new nevernight series, and tonight I talk about episode 2.

The episode starts as Mia arrives in Last Hope and tries to pay here tithe to the red church. I was really impressed with the set in the pub, as it was dark and greasy and everything I thought a pub like this should be.

I quite liked the character of Fat Daniio and am looking forward to the reappearance of this character later on in the series (if it ever gets made!). I think there is some real comedic potential there.

We also get more of Mister Kindly. Now that he is in full focus and is talking, I am very impressed as he is my favourite character in the books. I am looking forward to the effects that the magic has in this series.

In the final half of the episode we meet Tric, and he agrees to out onto the wastes with Mia. I think that while this character is currently quite cool and collected, I am looking forward to watching him grow in future episodes.

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