New Years Goals

It’s the new year, and I wanted to share with you my reading goals. They are quite simple, yet I think that they will provide quite a challenge!

Goodreads Challenge

As you are all aware, it is customary to set a number of books that you want to read each year on Goodreads. I have chosen 156 books, or 3 a week as I managed to just about get to that goal last year, and was close the year before. I think that this number is manageable for me, as I read quite quickly and also consume an awful lot of audiobooks in times that I could not spend physically reading. I am hoping that this high number will make it easier for me to reach the more qualitative goals that I am also setting this year.

TBR To Zero

Given that my birthday and Christmas are towards the end of the year, this goal is a little odd in when I hope to achieve it by. I want to have read all the books that I own by the end of the year, excluding ones that I receive as gifts during the next gift giving season (I don’t read that quickly!). Currently that stands at 86 books, so I’d better get started!

Use the Library More

Libraries are great, and I should use them more. At the moment they are the main provider of audiobooks for me. However, in the upcoming year, I hope to read one book from the library (in any format) every week. I think that my next challenge will help with that.

BBC 100 Novels That Shaped The World

You’ve probably all seen it by now, but the BBC put together a list of 100 novels that shaped the world. Whilst having a look, I saw a number of books that I wanted to read or had heard great things about. Having looked at the list, then recompiled the list so that when series are mentioned each book in that series is listed separately (yes they cheated) I realised that this was going to be too many books for me to read along with my other goals. Instead I want to read 5 books (or listings) from each section this year.

I am aware that I have set overly ambitious goals for this year, but hopefully that will lead me down a path of new and exciting stories rather than ending in stress and frantic reading.

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