Library Cataloging

It took three days, but finally it was done. I have catalogued my home library (save those few books that are on loan to my friends) , and thought that it would be interesting to show you my findings.

Basic Stats

Books: 438

Titles: 410

Authors: 183

Pages: 152,869

Titles Read: 302 (73.3%)

Book Analysis

Middle Grade 19.2%
Young Adult 51.9 %
Adult 28.9%
Book Age Ranges

I never really thought about the age range of my books, but I was surprised at how many adult and middle grade books that I have. I knew I had some, but for them to be about half of my library is quite surprising. I guess I never thought about them together and always saw my library as young adult and middle grade or young adult and adult but never as a proper combination of all three.

Audiobook 4.7%
EBook 10.8%
Hardcover 16.7%
Paperback 67.7%
Book Formats

This graph is a lot less surprising as I know that I predominantly read paperback. The only thing that I did find interesting is quite how many ebooks I have. I never read them and forgot about them I guess. I’m going to make an effort to read them though.

Adventure 4.1%
Classic 7.3%
Contemporary 5.0%
Crime / Mystery 3.0%
Dystopia Sci-Fi 15.5%
Fantasy 24.7%
Historical Fiction 3.4%
Mystical Realism 0.5%
Mythology 6.4%
Play 0.5%
Sci-Fi 5.3%
Non-Fiction 24.4%
Book Genres

The thing that I think is most interesting about this is quite how many genres I read. Whilst not a lot evenly distributed, I have dabbled in more genres than I thought I had (and yes the mythology section is 95% Rick Riordan).

Author Diversity

I now have a list of all of the authors on my shelves and I am not proud at how un-diverse they are. Given recent events I wanted to see how diverse my own literary tastes are, and the answer is honestly, not very. While I did have more racial diversity than I thought I did, I need to improve in that aspect as well as LGBTQ+ and disabled voices. I have started collecting recommendations that I will be referring to when looking for new books to buy in the future. I do plan on continuing to read the books that I own that I haven’t read yet, regardless of the author, but with the view of adding more voices to incoming books in the future.

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