Spreading the Book Love

It is not unheard of for people to complain on twitter that book bloggers are often overlooked in the publishing community when it comes to partnerships and promoting new releases. I agree.

Luckily, someone has come up with a solution, bookstagrammers.com is a free site that helps book content creators, from all platforms, connect with marketers and publishers to get paid for the hard work that they are doing. It is free to sign up and with open to everyone – no minimum followers, global outreach, all platforms.

The best part is, that the price they tell you the job is worth, is what you get paid. By charging the companies for the service, not you, you can easily see what a campaign will pay!

As proof of the honesty of their policies, I was paid to make this post. I found the system easy to use and got all the information that I needed quickly and easily. Go sign up today, and help change the way that promoted content is made in the book community!

This blog post is sponsored by bookstagrammers.com

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