How I track my reading

There are many different ways that a person can track their reading. I have an overly complicated system that uses a lot of spreadsheets, and I want to share it with you, as some of the features may be useful to others.

Reading List

The first thing I update is my reading list which has every book I’ve read since 2015, with information like format, age range and source. This allows me to run statistics on my reading habits in the hope that I can diversify my reading.

Unread Books List

I have a list of unread books that I own, that I remove books from when I have read them and add too when I buy new ones. This stops my TBR from getting too long.

Library Catalogue

I also cross of the title in my Library catalogue, which contains all of the information about all the books in my collection.


Finally, I update on Goodreads.

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