Story Chain #2

On a jewellery shelf hung a bronze necklace. Though it was a few feet away, it was the first thing that caught her eye. It sparkled and shone as if singing to her: ‘My child, I’m here, take me to your home. Protect me and I will protect you.’ For a second a beautiful siren sung in her mind; was it trying to lure her in? What would happen if she took it? She walked closer to it, and reached out, grasping the metal, somehow warm even though it hung in this cool jewellery. She pulled back, and was on her way to go home, when the necklace started singing again. She had to buy it.
When she got home, she noticed she’d bought an amulet, and opened it, to see a picture of a man, wearing an emblem she didn’t recognise.

This instalment was written by Astrid Johanssen an aspiring Dutch writer who is working on poems, short stories and novels. Astrid can be found here.

Did you ever play that game when you were a child where one person says a sentence and the next person says another, slowly going round the group building up a story? I want to see what would happen if you played the game with people who love books; writers, readers and reviewers. This is the first instalment of that story, tomorrow I will release the second, then every Friday I will publish another instalment. If you want to participate, you can sign up via the link on the Story Chain page.

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