Story Chain #3

She couldn’t remember why she bought it. She examined it closely. The man in the photo looked familiar, but she struggled to recall where she’d seen him before…

   A distant boom sounded. Alice’s attention snapped from the amulet to the window. It was dark out, storm clouds brewing. Another boom, much closer, and the floor seemed to shake slightly.

   “Mum?” she shouted. There was no answer. “Please let it be just thunder,” she said to herself.

   There was an immense crash, shattering the window and breaking the door inwards. Alice covered her ears and cowered from raining glass and debris. The wind brought a swirl of leaves and paper into the house. She put the amulet in her pocket and edged towards the door.

A voice spoke from behind her. To her shock, standing amidst the tempest of debris was the strangely familiar man who appeared in the photo.

Catriona Roy is a physics student from England. She writes news articles for SnippetScience (, blogs about books and other things (, and occasionally writes poems and fiction to satisfy her creativity. Twitter: @RoyCatriona

Did you ever play that game when you were a child where one person says a sentence and the next person says another, slowly going round the group building up a story? I want to see what would happen if you played the game with people who love books; writers, readers and reviewers. This is the first instalment of that story, tomorrow I will release the second, then every Friday I will publish another instalment. If you want to participate, you can sign up via the link on the Story Chain page.

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