Story Chain #4

“Hello, sir? Can i help?” 

Alice approached him, torch in hand. She noticed that he didn’t turn towards her. Strange, cause anyone alive would have responded.

“Anyone alive” 

Panicked, Alice tried to step back. What followed was a loud thud, and the body fell ,right next to her. She quickly called up Lucy, her journalist cousin. Surely, she must know something about this man.

‘Lu,..-Man, body, here, newspaper’ – Alice spoke incoherently.

‘Alice, are you okay? Where are you?  Stay on the line! Can you hear me Alice? ALICE!!’

The next day, it was reported that Arvind Rao, the missing Indian diplomat, was found dead. The Indian Government was now furiously campaigning to identify the killer with immediate effect. 

Alice woke up to loud sounds of an Indian group marching furiously, screaming slogans. She peeped out of the window to take a proper look – why was Vijay here? Vijay was her classmate, who hardly spoke to anyone. But here he was, with an angry look in his eyes.

A commotion outside ensued. 

“Please, I need to speak to Alice. I want to know what she saw last night”

“We’re sorry, until our investigation is completed, we cannot let you speak to Ms Lawson or her mother. We are doing our duty sir”

The guards sent to the Lawsons’,   refused to let Vijay in. Alice ran downstairs, only to be stopped by her mother

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Mum, there’s something Vijay wants to know. Please, can I talk to him?”

Mrs Lawson replied, “Darling, we aren’t supposed to say anything until we’re told to.”

“But Mum -“

“No, the guards will take care of Vijay. You have to eat something now. Go and freshen up” Mrs Lawson retorted.

Frustrated and confused, Alice went in search of her phone, only to remember that the police had confiscated it. Grumbling, she began brushing, hoping that he’d go away soon without causing any sort of trouble.

About Padmavathy K K I’ve always been interested in writing for passion. It serves as a great outlet for me to express my emotions honestly, which is otherwise difficult in the real world. I’m always open to interacting with new people, as I think that every person teaches us something and that every perspective helps me become a better person. That aside, my other interest is my coursework and although not a big fan of taking exams or tests (well, who is really?), I like sitting with my textbooks for long periods of time just so that I enhance my knowledge and learn something new! Read one of her articles here.

Did you ever play that game when you were a child where one person says a sentence and the next person says another, slowly going round the group building up a story? I want to see what would happen if you played the game with people who love books; writers, readers and reviewers. This is the first instalment of that story, tomorrow I will release the second, then every week I will publish another instalment. If you want to participate, you can sign up via the link on the Story Chain page.

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