Story Chain

Did you ever play that game when you were a child where one person says a sentence and the next person says another, slowly going round the group building up a story? I want to see what would happen if you played the game with people who love books; writers, readers and reviewers.

The idea is simple, each participant writes part of a story (100-150 words), having only seen the last sentence of the previous person’s entry (and a list of character’s names). Each week I will publish an instalment on my blog, for everyone to read (crediting the author of course). The posts would be delayed a little so that up coming authors can’t see what is immediately before them in them in the story. If you are interested, please sign up here, so that I can keep in touch and give you the relevant information.

Please note that this is a voluntary idea and authors will not be financially compensated for their work. However full credit and a chance to promote your other work will be given.