On Being A Better White Person

Speaking directly to the reader, Frederick Joseph offers powerful reflections on his own experiences with racism. As a former "token Black kid", he now presents himself as the friend many readers need, touching on topics including cultural appropriation, "reverse racism" and white privilege. Featuring interviews with figures such as writer Angie Thomas, content creator Toni … Continue reading On Being A Better White Person

The Long Road to Nalanda ARC Review

I got this book of Netgalley in return for an honest review. Synopsis Set in a mythical India at the start of the first millennium, The Long Road to Nalanda is the story of a young outcaste, Abhi, who is offered as blood sacrifice to the giant snake God, Jwala. Abhi, a feisty young adolescent, … Continue reading The Long Road to Nalanda ARC Review

April TBR

I haven't done one of these for a while, but I have recently planned a lot of blog posts which require me to read certain books (usually I review what I read as and when I read). I thought that I would share the next few books that I will be reading (and yes you can see this as a glimpse of what I will be posting in the near-ish future).