How I track my reading

There are many different ways that a person can track their reading. I have an overly complicated system that uses a lot of spreadsheets, and I want to share it with you, as some of the features may be useful to others. Reading List The first thing I update is my reading list which has … Continue reading How I track my reading

Why I Complete Series I Don’t Like

I have noticed that I am frequently haunted by stories that I haven't finished. You may have noticed that unlike a lot of other readers, I seldom DNF books anymore. This is for a good reason, I can't let go of the stories. They follow me around and haunt me until I give up a … Continue reading Why I Complete Series I Don’t Like

Reframe the Day Review

Requests and to-dos bombard your phone and inbox, day and night. Information and distractions claw at your time and attention. You're always busy, always searching for the finish line ... or at least the pause button. Life feels like an endless series of "what's nexts"--what's the next meeting, task, obligation, goal, achievement?