Nevernight Episode 2 “Hopeless” Review

On Monday I reviewed episode 1 of the new nevernight series, and tonight I talk about episode 2. The episode starts as Mia arrives in Last Hope and tries to pay here tithe to the red church. I was really impressed with the set in the pub, as it was dark and greasy and everything … Continue reading Nevernight Episode 2 “Hopeless” Review

Nevernight Episode 1 “Firsts” Review

So, it's out in the world now, the new adaptation of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff and adapted by Piera Ford. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on this dark tale. To start off with, the opening flashback animated sequence is beautifully drawn. Although I was worried that the whole thing was going to … Continue reading Nevernight Episode 1 “Firsts” Review