The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying

It is my aim this year to become more minimalist and zero waste. Through the many introduction guides that I have seen, the first step is always to educate yourself. Many people have recommended this book by Marie Kondo, so I thought that I would read it.

Overall I thought that this book was very good, as it gave lots of practical advice that was clear and easy to understand. It also explains not only why you should do something, but why you should not do alternative ideas as well as Kondo’s logic in getting to this step. For me, this showed that she actually cared about what she was selling and wasn’t in it to make a quick buck.

I did think that some of the more spiritual aspects of tidying and the rituals that go with them were a little strange, but I think that this is to do with a clashing of cultures as Kondo is Japanese. The same went with the storage solutions in this book. It is apparent from reading this that Japanese homes are built with lots of storage in them, while British homes (that I am familiar with) do not. This means that some of this advice does not work as well for me.

This may just be the edition that I bought, but I also found the steps on folding clothes to be a bit confusing, and I could have done with some illustrations.

Overall I thought that this book was very helpful, clear and informative. I give it four stars.

Four Stars

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