Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Review

And so it ends. My annual pilgrimage to Hogwarts is over, but I still have some things to say.

In terms of plot, the book is very much divided into two halves. The first is very much character driven with little to no action in it, or at least not the type that we have come to know from this series. The second half though was incredibly action packed at fast paced. There are so many mini adventures that happen, quite a few of which we have already faced in the earlier books, and the ending has so many throwbacks to the first books it is a chance to reminisce on the past years at Hogwarts, and how much our beloved characters have grown. In this way, it feels like all seven books are present at the end, that the beginning isn’t really separate from the end but is just the first attempt at getting there.

Character-wise, it is a joy to see so many old faces return to us for the end, where it seems that the entire wizarding world has gathered for the final battle. In contrast, we spend the first half of the books with the same few people and can watch as our heroes and heroine finally develop into the people they were striving to be since the first page. They have arrived and mastered everything they need to.

5 stars

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